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Dipartimento di Chimicae Tecnologie del Farmaco

Origin, characteristics, tradition, vocation and role in the University

The history of the "Pharmacy studies in Rome" has profound roots: from 1303 to 1808 were first the University of the Aromatari and then the Noble College of Speziali founded in 1429 by Martino V, to carry out the legal regulatory actions to regulate the pharmaceutical profession in the Ecclesiastical State, both the didactic-professional activity with the concession of the "freshmen" to the new apothecaries. In 1808, the "Pharmacy studies" were included among the disciplines taught in the Archiginnasio Romano, one of the oldest Italian universities founded by the will of Pope Boniface VIII on April 20, 1303, with the papal bull "In suprema praeminentia dignitatis", established the "Studium Urbis" (... read all)